Kalles Casino: Balagan #1


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13 juli 2017

Koncerten er optaget i Operaen, Christiania d. 29/4 2017 under arrangementet ‘Balagan #1’

KALLES CASINO are a group of mixed savage balkan musicians caught up in the whirling sound of the trippy eighties. East of the Danube river and West of the Pacific ocean, you will find them somewhere in the middle with “all stakes in at the casino” chaos. Kalles Casino play the dancing tunes of your old yugoslavian aunts and uncles blended with the greek bouzoukis on top of the afrikan funkyness and they will leave your feet burning and your hair blown backwards.

Station: Christiania
Varighed: 00:33:55
Kan ses indtil: 6 januar 2018
Producent: Christiania TV
Fotograf: Milo, Pedro og Martin W
Klipper: Martin W
Produktionsår: 2017
Sprog: Engelsk

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