RV17 – Jarl Feyling (A) – Debat

kommuner og 5 regioner, hvor borgerne bestemmer, hvem der skal styre i kommunerne/regionerne de næste 4 år.

Frem mod valget har vi forskellige kandidater i vores region i studiet til debat for at høre, hvilken vision, politik og mærkesager netop de har for deres kommune/region.

I dette program er det Jarl Feyling (Soc.dem.), Kandidat til regionsrådsvalget, Region Hovedstaden.
Bashy Quraishy interviewer Jarl Feyling om følgende:
1.Their life and background and education, 2.Why are they interested in politics at all?, 3.Why to be a local politician?, 4.What is so great with the party, they are member of?, 5.What are the issues that are close to their hearts?, 6.How do they plan to have influence in the decisions making process at the local level, without any experience? OR 7.What have they achieved in the years, they have been in the local and regional politics?, 8.Do they have good relations with their national politicians?, 9.Have they asked some national politician to help in their campaign?, 10. Do they have a “Campaign body” as a focus Group?, 11.Who do they turn to if they need political advice?, 12.How do they plan to campaign?, 13.Do they use social media, -FB, Twitter, blogs etc?, 14. How about voter’s meeting – one to one?, 15.What is their party’s policy when it comes to ethnic minorities and their living conditions?
16. What about the issue of integration?, 17.What is integration to them?, 18. What do they think about the harsh tone in societal discussions? Does it affect your candidacy?, 19.There is very low voting percent among minorities. How can we make it better?, 20.What would you so to voters in this interview?