Bashys Corner – William Salicath

Bashy Quraishy in an interview with William Salicath, Parish Priest – Alias Church – Copenhagen, about:

1. We started asking Mr. William Salicath about his background, education and work before he came to Denmark
2. We proceeded to ask him about his life as an actor and why he changed the career from acting to religion?
3. Why Christianity and not any other religion?
4. We also discussed his work with the Church, his humanistic approach to life and society.
5. After that, we talk about the article, he wrote in the Danish national Newsppaer Politken, titled; All societies need scapegoats and the issues, he raised and dealt with, including the societal development and what role religion can play to create inter-faith harmony.
6. In the end, we discussed, why in this summer, he is going to have services in Eliaskirken in English and only with jazz music, specifically for expats, exchange students and tourist.